Saturday, 11 August 2012

Handmade leather shoes

All for the shoes are listed on ebay for sale.


Instead of sending Christmas cards this year I'll be sending gifts :-)

Each day from 01.12.205 to 31.12.205 I'll have a FREE GIFT on my website, but you'll have to find the Gift of the day :-)
Please check the website often since I'll list the gift at any time during the day :-)
If you won a gift, please give a chance to others.

The main price of £100 will be drawn on 5th January 2016. Te information how to enter for the main price will be available on on 1st of December.

I reserve the right to publish the gift, the first name and the country
 of each winner.


you must be a member of - membership is free and easy to register. You'll need a valid email and your name.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The winner of the £50 is

Julie Wiesler USA

Congratulations to Julie!

Thanks to all who participated in the draw. 

All of you (excluding) the winner will receive a free pair of shoes (by my choice) with their 
first order from 

The money were sent to the winner, and when Sarah is back to sewing Julie will shop from 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Closed Win £50 - Sasha money :-)

                            Win £50 to spend on my brand new web site


Susanna's web page - she has for sale  the New Sasha books, knitting and sewing patterns and as well  many Sasha dolls - USA


Shelly's web page - she has the biggest selection of Sasha Dolls for sale , clothes and many great things for our  Sashas - UK


Sarah's (vintage-sasha) blog - Gorgeous clothes for Sasha dolls - UK


It is going to be more fun if we have more Sasha sellers, so I invite every one who sells Sasha related items on a web page or a blog to contact me, and I will add the web address here as well. 
At the end of the Prize draw the winner will choose where to spend the winning price.



Leave a comment or contact me with your real name, city and country.
You can enter only once!
Everybody are welcome to enter!

I will update the entrants each evening, so if you don't see you name, please contact me!

All names will be edited after the end of draw so your name will not stay on the web!

Start date - Now
End date - June 14th, 8PM London time

The winner will be announced one hour later here at the blog.
To claim the price she will have 3 days to contact me with the name of the selected seller, otherwise the money will be donated to the Sasha Festival!  

Good luck to all!

            I want to see more Sasha sellers here on that page, so please contact me!


1.    K. W.,  ,  USA - 
2.     H. W.., OH USA 
3.     C.L. B., OK, USA
4.     K. T., San Jose, CA, USA
6.     C. D., Laval, Canada
7.     K. P., NC, USA
8.     G.N. UK
9.     K. H., Ithaca New York, USA
10.  D. O. UK
11.  J. D., Thomaston, CT USA
12.  S. W., Qld, Australia
13. C. M., Atlanta, GA, USA
14. C. M. NY USA
15.  J. J. UK
16.  J. P.
17.  G. B., PA, USA
18. L.  P., USA
19. J. Z., Indiana USA
20. C. W. Canada
21. G. B. McKees Rocks USA


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A price giveaway is coming soon

And I need somebody with a Skype account to be a witness of a drawing .
Please contact me if you want to be that person.

The big prize will be "Sasha money" to spend on selected sellers, so if you have a blog or a web site with Sasha related items for sale, please contact me as well for details.
As soon I have a witness and Sasha sellers I will announce the  rules.
Sasha sellers must have a PayPal accont.